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"Thank you for your check for $198,950.00 representing the monies recovered from the judgments in my favor. As you are aware, I have held these judgments for a number of years, and nothing materialized until I brought them to you. Quite frankly, I did not expect that I would see a dime, but I felt I had to give it a shot.

Thank you for what you have accomplished. You did a fantastic job, you know what to do, you were continually aware of what was happening, you had total control of the situation, you never let anything fall between the cracks, you used excellent judgment in making the right decisions, and you got the job done with the best possible results."

- Paul Kleinkopf

Why Use Our Firm?

Provides communication through the entire collection or litigation process

Offers very competitive rates for our debt collection services

Maintains the highest ethical standards in the collection of debt

Has over 20 years experience working with New Jersey businesses

Keeps a staff of very qualified professionals to help reduce cost and increase efficiency

Works with attorneys across the U.S. and worldwide to collect outstanding receivables 


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"I’ve been fortunate to work in a field that allows me to meet and work with lawyers across the globe that are professional, passionate, and that serve the best interest of the creditors we represent. You are always available to discuss a file, provide objective guidance on a case by case basis, and you have achieved excellent results for our clients. "

"On behalf of CDI and the clients we serve, I want to say “thank you” for the fine work and for being a wonderful addition to the triadic system."

- Lou Figueroa, CCC, President, Credit Decisions International

"Now that the dust has settled and the commission, in full, is in the bank, I wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts. You handled the situation in a very professional and expeditious manner which resulted in the best possible outcome for our firm. Thank you again and feel free to use me for a recommendation any time."

- John H. Adams, President, Coldwell Banker Commercial Feist & Feist Realty Corp.

"Mr. Molinaro has handled a number of collection-related matters for our company. We find him to be an aggressive advocate who takes the time to thoroughly prepare our cases and is willing to go to trial. He recently tried a case for us, obtained a judgment on our behalf for 100% of our claim and collected it in full. Enough said."

- John Maiorana, Corporate Counsel, RBA Group, Inc.

"In this industry, we prefer to work with attorneys who are diligent, resourceful, congenial and who provide enough personal attention so that we know our claims do matter to them. Joe Molinaro easily meets those criteria. Moreover, he exhibits great creativity in devising strategies to collect money on the more difficult cases. In short, the complete package. I heartily recommend his firm."

- Art Hoffman, CST, Inc.

"Joe’s professionalism, extensive legal knowledge, integrity and take charge approach is what we need for our complex collection matters. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend him to others in need of the legal services he offers."

- John G. Udell, President, Weichert Commercial Brokerage, Inc.

"I just want to express our appreciation for the quality collection services which you have provided to Passaic Metal, as well as our affiliated companies. I’ve been in the credit and collection field for more than forty years now and for many of those years I managed a commercial collection agency. Accordingly, I forward only the most difficult debtors and complicated claims, yet your percentage of collection is truly impressive."

- David C. Wehr, Corporate Credit Manager, Pampco, Passaic Metal & Building Supplies Co.

"Joe has been a valued resource to Weichert, Realtors and Weichert Commercial Brokerage. I can’t think of more effective and diligent attorney for our collection matters. Joe has never shied away our difficult assignments and has consistently delivered good results. Joe provides the type of advocacy our business requires and his understanding of our business makes him invaluable."

- Peter J. O’Connor, Associate Counsel, The Weichert Family of Companies

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