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Why Use Our Collection Firm?

Provides communication through the entire judgment collection and enforcement process

Offers very competitive rates for our judgment collection and enforcement services

Maintains the highest ethical standards in the collection of judgment debt

Has over 20 years experience working with Union County businesses 

Keeps a staff of very qualified professionals to help reduce cost and increase efficiency

Works with attorneys across the U.S. and worldwide to collect judgment debts 


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Union County, New Jersey

Judgment Collection Attorneys

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Molinaro, LLC provides judgment collection and enforcement services for both large and small commercial creditors throughout the Union County, New Jersey area. 

Unlike larger New Jersey collection law firms, where claim information is simply keyed in by data entry clerks, our highly skilled attorneys are equipped to personally review and analyze each and every judgment debt/award that is placed with our firm by our clients. The personal attention given by our collection attorneys on all judgment debts/awards placed with our firm is paramount in helping to effectuate the collection or enforcement of the judgments that have been entrusted to us.

Since 1999, our collection attorneys and staff have provided creditors throughout the country with professional and dependable judgment collection and enforcement services in the Union County, New Jersey area. Our attorneys are experienced, results oriented and highly motivated to collect each and every judgment placed when possible.

Our collection law firm provides exceptional service and support in the collection and enforcement of your judgments in Union County. The strategies and techniques that our attorneys and staff employ to facilitate the collection and enforcement of judgments has been honed for many years. 

It is our belief that our collection attorneys provide one of your best options in Union County and the entire State of New Jersey to collect and enforce a court awarded judgment. 

If your company is interested in having your judgment accounts handled by dedicated and determined Union County collection attorneys, the Law Offices of Joseph A. Molinaro, LLC are professionally prepared to design a collection campaign to suit your company's needs.

Whether you have many judgments or a select few in the Union County area that you need a collection law firm to handle, please contact the judgment collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Joseph A. Molinaro, LLC and let's get things started.

We very much look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can become your collection law firm for commercial accounts receivable and judgments in Union County, New Jersey. Call our office at 201.857.3075 today.




New Jersey Judgment Collection Lawyers

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